Sunday, 29 April 2012


I almost always wear these bracelets. It contributes a lot to your outfit in my opinion. This picture was taken on the last schoolday, which is called 'Stuntdag'. Every examclass takes part of this, this year it is my turn and I organisated everything with a bunch of people. The theme was Hawai/beachparty and we decorated the whole school with palmtrees and fishes haha, I will show you more later. We always make fun of the teachers and have a barbeque with the examclasses.
Now I only have two weeks before the exams, so I have to study A LOT :(, wish me luck♥


  1. So cute! love them!
    thaks so much for visiting and comment on my blog! if you want follow each other let me know! it would be a pleasure!!

  2. Thank you for your comment, nice bracelets :)

  3. Me encanta tu blog, chulísimas las pulseras!
    Un beso, te sigo