Saturday, 30 June 2012


Since I saw the Acne pistol boots some time ago, I have been searching for a good knock off.
I found these shoes on And I am in love, love the lines and the simplicity. I hope the leather is as soft as the real one. But I have some shoes from nelly and they did not disappoint me at all! Do you have them, or no how they fit? And should I order them? They are now in sale for only €32,95!! ♥ p.s. sorry for the lack of posts, I have to do it more often :)

Friday, 1 June 2012


FAA H&M short, forever21 cropped top, asos watch
This is a detail shot of the outfit I wear some days ago. I like to wear different prints together, and i loved the way these to fitted. Sorry about the colour differences, the first one is without flash and the other one with, which one do you like better? I prefer the one without :)
Tomorrow I will be going to Marmaris in Turkey with 3 other friends for a week. So that will be a week of sun, partying and alcohol hihi! ♥